Soft Drinks and Bottled Water are also available


$5.00 Domestic Beers ( 16 ounce cans )

Bud Light, Bud, Shock Top, Mich Ultra, Landshark

$4.00 Bare Foot Wines & $5.00 Spritzers

Pinot Grigi


Pinot Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon

Summer Red - Spritzer
Crisp White - Spritzer 



$5.00 Ciders, Etc

Angry Orchid Cider

Truly Spiked and Sparkling

Dublin’s Pub

Craft Beer Garden


we have large selection but a limited quantity of several beers so please come early for the best selection

$ 5.00 Southern Barrel Craft Beers ( 12 ounce drafts )  

Damn Yankee - New England Style IPA
Helles Lager

Helles Saison/Farmhouse Ale

$6.00 American Craft & International Beers

we have large selection but a limited quanity of many beers so please come early for the best selection


Allagash - White, Hoppy
Avery - White Rascal
Bells - Oberon
Cathedral Square – Belgain IPA, White Beer
Founders - Double Trouble, Curmudgeon
Jekyll Brewing - Hop Dang, Scooter, 'Merica
Left Hand - Good JuJu
New Belgium - Lips of Faith Terroir, Black Ale, Abbey Dubbel, Tripel
Spoetzl - Shiner Homespun Cream Ale, Shiner White Wing
Sam Adams - Boston Lager, Summer
Service - Compass Rose IPA
Palm - Belgian Ale
Unknown - Pre Game
Westbrook - IPA & Gose


$7.00 Premium Craft Beers & International Beers
Allagash - Tripel 
Hobgoblin - Dark English
Kwak - Belgian Ale
Martens - White, Pils
Schofferhoffer - Grapefruit
Unibroue - Blanche De Chambly, La Fin Du Monde, Maudite, Trois Pistoles


beer menu will change for each sunset party